Curtains, Bows and Encores: An Ending and a New Beginning for Drama Games…

Hello again my drama games friends! ­čÖé

As I mentioned in my previous post, where we discussed on views of my Dear┬áand┬áLovely Drama Games Teacher and Encourager &┬áMentor of Drama┬áGames, Aphrodite Parzakoni,┬á“when a circle closes another one opens“! I would like for the first time to confess that┬áthe creating of this blog was initially began for the sake of a course project attending it now this semester in my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. As I had never blogged again, I would really like to share with you my experiences on doing so before the submission of the project.┬áThis is going to be my last post or…maybe not?? Continue reading


Easter: The Passage from Death to Rebirth

Today is Holy Wednesday, the middle of the Holy Week, and the Divine Passion reaches its dramatic peak. During the evening of Holy Wednesday, the Vesper of Holy Thursday is chanted  with a central theme the feet ablution of the Apostles by Jesus Christ, the Last Supper, the Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane and the Betrayal by Judas.

Last Supper, Ressurection

On Holy Monday, through a variety of theatre┬ágames and activities, we ritually celebrated the Easter Holy Days┬á in our┬áTheatre Games Workshop. Our “Last Supper” and “Resurrection” took place. Each participant had to bring with him/her something that symbolizes for him/her the Easter Holy Days, such as an object, a text, a taste, a smell, a flower, a song, etc. After forming┬áa cycle, each participant had the chance to say whatever he/she wished┬áto share with the others concerning the Easter Holy Days, him/herself or the group. Then, we raised a discussion┬áon what all these objects represent for us, and influenced by all those stimuli,┬ácontinued interpreting the word “Passion“. Continue reading