The drama games, the theatre gamesHello everyone!

My name is Vaso and I am interested in and “obsessed” with drama games! Theatre games and I met each other five years ago, and since then, we fell in love! To me, drama games are not just a hobby, but a way of life!

Observing other blogs with similar content and on the topic itself, I saw that most of them focus on either drama teachers or experts who belong in the Theatre/Drama field such as actors, directors, and dramatherapists and do not only discuss about the drama games itself but also about all the various aspects of Theatre/Drama as well as Drama in Education/Theater Pedagogy. Since I am not an expert in that field but a crazy amateur lover, I’ve been always looking for a blog talking about the drama games that are intended to address only amateur adults. Thus, I took the initiative to create that blog to build awareness about the theatre games to all those adult people who want to do something creative as a hobby and may like to be involved in drama games in an amateur level. Through my blog, I intend to inform about all the various dimensions of theatre games, the way they are based on theatre itself, and their key benefits, as well as to share personal experience from the past five years that I participate in a Theatre Games Workshop.

Ever wanted to explore theatrical expression, cultivate different aspects of yourself, and have fun at the same time? Drama games, then, is your hobby! 😉


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