Curtains, Bows and Encores: An Ending and a New Beginning for Drama Games…

Hello again my drama games friends! 🙂

As I mentioned in my previous post, where we discussed on views of my Dear and Lovely Drama Games Teacher and Encourager & Mentor of Drama Games, Aphrodite Parzakoni, “when a circle closes another one opens“! I would like for the first time to confess that the creating of this blog was initially began for the sake of a course project attending it now this semester in my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. As I had never blogged again, I would really like to share with you my experiences on doing so before the submission of the project. This is going to be my last post or…maybe not??

I must admit that when I started writing this blog I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about it. Even though I longed for a good grade, I always considered blogs as something childish and meaningless, created by people who are hiding behind a screen because they have no idea how to communicate face-to-face with people. However, throughout the course of this semester, I began questioning that belief and only now do I realize how very wrong I was.

The first thing I had to do in my blog, was to figure out a topic, a process that took a huge amount of time and even bigger amount of effort. Once I asked myself, what is so interesting that truly fascinates me, I began looking inwards, asking myself questions yet for a long time not being able to provide answers. While searching inside my mind for something that fascinates me, I asked many of my fellow students for a helping hand, most of them saying that they will write about their hobbies. That is when the idea of Drama Games came to mind thinking that if there is something that really fascinates me that could be it!

But writing this blog was no easy task for a technological Neanderthal, like me. It required interest, dedication and a great deal of commitment to understand the workings of WordPress, the various online tools which I had to use and my methods to attract users. In the beginning I felt so discouraged that I often considered quitting but perhaps, my insatiable desire to explore this online world, kept me going.

At some point, all too unexpectedly, something magical happened. When I noticed that people began responding to my Facebook page and WordPress account I was puzzled and excited at the same time. Suddenly, the views on my Blog stats began multiplying in the blink of an eye. How could something that initially frightened me so, now give me such pleasure?

Perhaps I was wrong when I said that my words made my readers passionate. It was they who transmitted their passion to me first and then, the process became reciprocal. I remember that what once made me feel boredom had now become the first thing I’d check when I rose out of bed.

If I had to give some advice to first time bloggers would be the following:

  1. In my experience, writing a blog may have become a passion in my life, but not after a lot of work and many ups and downs which got me very close to quitting. My primary tip for first time bloggers, although it may sound cliché, is to try not to quit. There are many factors, such as lack of viewers, complicated technical details and the great deal of involvement, time and work that a blog requires in order to be successful, that many might feel that it is a little too much for them. I know I did.
  2. Had I chosen something that does not arouse my interest as much as Drama Games, maybe I would have quit. I find passion and commitment to one’s topic to be of paramount importance in starting a blog. The work and time that is required cannot be easily dealt with if a blogger is not passionate about his or her topic. So my second advise is: choose something that you love, for you’ll have to spend far too much time and energy to share it with the world.
  3. Now, as far as some technical details are concerned. WordPress in the beginning was not an easy platform in the beggining for those who do not know it and for someone like me who feels extremely estranged from modern technology, felt completely at loss. Yet, through a great deal of engagement and a little bit of help from some friends, I managed to make it. I’d advise a first time blogger to take his/her time with the platform and not hesitate to ask help if necessary.

Concluding, this process, made me reconsider a lot of things about the way I feel about blogging, bloggers and commitment to a cause in general. Even though this course is coming to a close, blogging will not become a thing of the past for my page, has inspired me far too much to let go. The Drama Games will live on, for as long as there is interest and passion they will have a place in the world of blogging.

So, what are your blogging experiences?


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