Second Theatrical Performance: “W.C.: Workshop’s Cast”

theatrical performance, W.C.As you’ve noticed in my previous post, our Theatre Games Workshop likes to be involved and experiment with somehow surreal topics, subjects and concepts! 😛 Today I want to discuss about the second theatrical performance where I played two years ago, named “W.C.: Workshop’s Cast”.

WC workshop's cast, theatrical performance (2)“What would you like us to treat you? Would you prefer a sweet or something to fool your hunger? Would you like us to treat you a bath or would you prefer a cold shower? You definitely made a long journey to arrive at our Armilla.”

We would like some water. We arrived thirsty. Not exhausted, only thirsty.”

w.c. workshop's cast,  theatrical performanceLuggage were piled in Armilla, one of the “Thin Cities” in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, consisting of a labyrinth of pipes and bathroom appliances inhabited by mysterious women; the same wetland of 30 group participants of The Drama Games Workshop “Expression & Communication” of Athens, Papagos-Cholargos.

H2O aka water: the element that covers 70.9% of the planet “Earth”. Human and animal body consists of 55-78% of water content. Milk, for example, consists of 87% of H2O, potatoes 78%, eggs 74%, vegetables and fruits by 93%.

H2O: the uninterrupted flow and flowidity of human life and existence from genesis till today; narrativew.c. workshop's cast,  theatrical performance, symbol, allegory and metaphor. H2O: the liquid element of life-giving source and of without limits – or perhaps of limited? – regeneration. Water corresponds to all three common states of matter on Earth: solid, liquid, and gas. It has the characteristic of effortlessly acquiring the shape of space, receptacle, vessel in which is drained. Two years ago, water acquired the shape of a multifaceted, experiential, theatrical, sensorimotor, psychomotor and philosophical investigation through 15 projects – theatrical activities, exercises and assignments which were completed, performed and played on stage!

Narratives and scripts with water – a theatrical water circle -; evaporation, condensation, precipitation through classic theatrical plays, masterpieces of world literature, Greek poetry and new original “pregnancies” of The Theatre Games Workshop “Expression & Communication” of Athens, Papagos-Cholargos.

w.c. workshop's cast,  theatrical performanceThe investigation thickened creatively in the pipes of Armilla…Harold Pinter, Edward Albee, Tennessee Williams, Anton Chekhov, Bernard-Marie Koltès, Pablo Picasso, Martin Paz, Dante Alighieri, Kiki Dimoula, Manolis Pratikakis, Kostis Gimosoulis.

The heroines of Harold Pinter, the scripts of Edward Albee, the monologues of Tennessee Williams, the ultimate theatrical voice of Anton Chekhov…flow among the pipes. It sounds “we shall rest, Uncle Vanya” and the voice of the “Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri leaps out, till the lines of the script “The Water” of Kostis Pratikakis accomplishing the flow. The bath acts like a space of catharsis, recovery, regeneration, and rejuvenation where meeting “The Four Little Girls” of Pablo Picasso, his second of the two full-length theatrical plays, as well as the poems of Kiki Dimoula “whispering” female words.

w.c. workshop's cast,  theatrical performanceA public and private bath, the limits are specific – fuzzy, I wanted to say -. The rainwater and the seas where we swim, or we didn’t have the time to meet, the waters that we won’t ever dive into, the waters in which we wish to get wet.

“Talk to me about the rain…I want to hear more.”

“Live it for now… how will we ‘plant’ Water on Tears?”


Original idea – Synthesis of play – Directing: Aphrodite Parzakoni

Original music: Christos Tolis

Kinesiology: Ifilenia Zachariadou

P.S: In my gallery, you can find some photos from the performance. You can also find extra photos that were taken from our good friend and photographer, George Marinakis, in his page.


How do you find it? Does this sound interesting? I’m waiting for your feedback!


4 thoughts on “Second Theatrical Performance: “W.C.: Workshop’s Cast”

  1. From Italo Calvino’s feral imagination to Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, Williams’ plays and Picasso’s cubic creations, water seems to have been pouring into the world of art for quite some time now. In an attempt, that I would describe as “reductionist”, out of the philosophical branch that dictates the division of complicated things to their simplest and most fundamental form, this passage is a definite attention grabber, teasing a potentially incredible theatrical performance. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dr. Caligari, thank you so much for your good words! Indeed, we passed from the simplest and most fundamental element of nature, Water, to a whole world of Art illustrated in an incredible theatrical performance!


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