First Theatrical Performance: “BAR – CAT – CODE”

Hey again everyone!

Easter is over and as I mentioned in my previous post because of Passion human creates Art! Today I would like to talk about the first theatrical performance, “BAR – CAT – CODE” in which I took part. BAR - CAT - CODE, theatrical performanceAs I have already mentioned in my very first post, the main difference between drama games and theatre is that their purpose isn’t the theatrical performance itself, but the creative procedure that a group participant will experience and step-by-step he/she will achieve to understand, by observing and playing, his/her inner and outer world in relation with others. Drama Games Workshops adressing adults, often experiment with a variety of subjects, themes and even concepts. So, this experimentation and philosophical investigation, through dramatization, role-playing, improvisation, and pantomime, that normally takes place inside the Workshop, may lead to the desire for a theatrical performance from all group participants. And so it did! Three years ago, our Drama Games Workshop gave its first theatrical performance, “BAR – CAT- CODE”, produced by “human traces” and “cat nails“…!

Date of production: 29th of September 2012.

Ingredients: A stage action with basic stimuli the poems and the heroes from the “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” of T.S. Eliot, which constituted the libretto of the musical “Cats“. T.S. Eliot, as always reserved, distant, rigid, absorbed and intellectual, seems like he was trying throughout his life to allow himself to feel joy publicly and openly. T.S. Eliot, as a man, achieved that in his second marriage, as a poet, in “Cats”.

BAR - CAT - CODE, theatrical performanceNutrients: The characters are of a different kind. Humans – Cats? or Cats – Humans? Humans calling themselves as cats! Cats flirting with the status of human! The characters make their appearance, present themselves, play, fall in love, love, sing, sway, dream, crave, reminisce, meow, purr, are petted waving their tail, roughen, rush on their prey, assert, challenge, get angry, attack, confuse and get confused, duel with their dual nature, entangle in a perpetual struggle. Behaviors, weaknesses and passions. A common place, a common environment, a common world…

A portion of our seventh life existence contains: 77.7% of help by friends, 77.7% of viewers’ patience and of course 77.7% of the street cats casting.

Net Weight: When does the human act? When does the instinct prevail? -Take a look at “BAR – CAT – CODE”!

Instructions consumption: Meow well before use!

Date of expiration: Is there a date of expiration? -Open the door to “BAR – CAT – CODE” and…Cut!

Produced by: The Drama Games Workshop “Expression & Communication” of Athens, Papagos-Cholargos.

Packaged by: Aphrodite Parzakoni, Director, Drama Teacher & Drama Games Encourager.


I know that this sounds surreal, but I would really like to hear your comments! 😉


4 thoughts on “First Theatrical Performance: “BAR – CAT – CODE”

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  3. A rather smart and quirky performance deriving inspiration from a book and musical of phenomenal popularity. The interplay of psychological traits between human/feline and feline/human is in my opinion a fine opportunity for expressing not only the similarities the two species share but also a more primal, unrestrained version of our world, one dominated by feeling and desire, the world of the id, if you know what I mean. Much like the musical, your show must have been an interesting representation of a whimsical, primal yet incredibly lovable realm where humans wear the guise of animals and animals wear the guise of humans alike. A motioning, emotional yet operational world. Or in other words…meow.

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